Saturday, 30 April 2016

At an Icf Event-Value Add

At an ICF Event-Session on  Grow Your Coaching Business 

Are U Shameless?


       Are you full of shame or can you be shameless?
       It’s important to be that too in this World;
       As otherwise we move around frameless
      And gather with us everything hurled
      At us in our way,
      Dragging the burden night and day.
      Till there comes a time,
      When the soul cries
      And says, You are worth many a dime;
      Stop not till you get what you desire;
     And give it not one but many tries!
     Do whatever it takes to keep alive that fire.
     Shameless can be good
     And not necessarily otherwise,
     As understood-its pays to speak your mind
     So that the world know you are one of a kind! 
     Applied with Pride. Shameless is good
     Coz it tells what ground you stood!


                                                                    Parineeta Mehra