Saturday, 30 January 2016

Think this over.

What's your Passion as a Leader that distinguishes you from others?
Do you Live/Relive/Outlive your Team?
Are you aligned to them as much as they are to you?!!

                   THINK THIS OVER

The 3 D's of Life.


     As Promised and you shall flourish in any task.

Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Watch Yr Communication..!!

People do what you do and not what you say or  what they hear. Visual is most impactful, which is why films leave a mark on our minds. So, how much visual do you use in communication with your Team/s alongwith auditory for increased takeaway?

                                                                                                          PONDER ON THIS.               

Think about This!!

                               What's your passion? How do you show it?
                               How often do you smile at Others?
                               Are you energised at Work?
                               How do you demonstrate that?
                               Whats your Impact?

                                                                                          .......                THINK ABOUT THIS!!      

Paint yr own Canvas!!

Declutter-Be a Masterful Coach

Declutter to be a Masterful Coach-Session by Ashu Khanna . As participants it was tremendous   Learning that we can apply to our and our coachee's lives.As we clear up our home and office spaces regularly, we need to do so with our minds too!!

Sunday, 24 January 2016

Today-do it !!


                                 Don't just say it! Also do it and do it Today!!

Releasing the hope within..

 With Zenobia Khodaji- releasing the hope within by sharing our desires with the Universe in a   
  unique way!! Calling the child within to connect with the Power beyond.

Zenobia Khodaji and her Abundance Workshop

Staying Invested as Facilitator-IAF India Group

Proud participants with the great Thiagi of the 'Thiagi Group' on staying invested as a facilitator at an event organised by IAF India at VITS(Andehri) Mumbai.

Thiagi and Me (in Mumbai)

With the great Thiagi of the 'Thiagi Group' on staying invested as a facilitator at an event organised by IAF India at VITS(Andehri) Mumbai.

Team Representation

Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Be your own Hero!!

Are you mentally strong?

You create your own Life!!

Hang on--Don't let go!!

Just go after it!!

Monday, 18 January 2016

Check if u r awake/asleep...!!

 Are you really awake? Check where your subconscious lies? To move from asleep to awake me...Your Coach and Motivator!!

Saturday, 16 January 2016

At Term Sheet for Start Ups Event-16th Jan'15

Attended this event on Saturday where the importance and details of the Term sheet were discussed at Length for Start ups. Right from the overview to legal understanding was discussed in the panel. The above photograph has me with Mr Deepak Narayanan -Co Founder and Director of My my left) and Shradha Patil Co -founder of The MentorpreneursInc to my right. Privileged to be in esteemed company. 

With Tufayl & Nabeel Merchant

The co founders of who shared some useful lessons and tips on how to manage tie-ups, garner clients and what trade offs to avoid for success in start ups. An interesting session indeed!!
thanks Tufayl and Nabeel for your inputs:) 

Bonding with Zenobia Khodaji

The ever positive and vibrant Zenobia Khodaji sharing her positivity and abundance in compliments. God bless you Ba-as you are fondly known:)  

At Jan L&D Global Mumbai Meet

With Jagmohan Singh Rishi at L&D Meet

 With Jagmohan Singh Rishi of Wockhardt Hospital , at the L&D Global Mumbai meet(in Andheri) where he shared his inputs on Evaluation and ROI of Learning from field perspectives and how he evaluates it differently .

Global Leader Asst Certification

Executive Coaching Certification

Thursday, 14 January 2016

Facilitation Simplified.

Reach Out!!

Life- Fly high.!!

Declutter -PArineeta Mehra

Awesome You!!

Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Declutter yr Mind

Fac Guides for You!!

Monday, 11 January 2016

Coaching defined


Facilitation impact

Why is Important!!

Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Care for your Customer

Your Life-Your Business

Get going...

Monday, 4 January 2016

What is Coaching?

Power in your Point!!


Purpose of life..


How aware are you?

How aware are You...
when you step on the grass
Do you feel the dew?

Joys and sorrows have what inbetween?
A thin line of faith that remains unseen.

Do you hear the beat
of the flock of sheep that fleet
you by
or do you need for this very hard
to try?

Does every tour
hold a learning for you as doer?

How aware is your sense
to all things around you?
Do you feel the power of the Existence?

Does the wind touch your soul
in a way that takes you closer to your goal?

How aware are you when you talk..
Are you listening in or waiting to pounce like a hawk?
Are you tuned in or writing a script in your mind with a chalk?

Are you tuned in to the feel of dew?
Blessed are you then..
count yourself in those chosen few!!     

                                                                                                                    Parineeta Mehra

Happy New Year-Evolve Yourself

Welcome the New Year,
have no hatred or fear;
Hold no grudges and bear no brunt
Time to let go of fear upfront.

Look within- explore what resides,
and based on that see what your heart and self decides.
Take a plunge in the pool of faith,
then watch how you change your gait;

Search your soul for the strength that lies hidden,
as the core is what lies in each of us within.
Use that to forge ahead...
Take that leap of faith,
and watch how you change your gait.

The why decides the what and how
figure that out and act on it now!
Welcome the New Year
with courage and cheer!

Your path awaits you,
so wait no longer for something new;
As your soul guides all
but this is followed by few.

Move ahead with faith and then
watch your new gait.
The world will praise
and you will your bar raise.
 Around you your wisdom shower,
leave the rest for the universe to empower;
Welcome the New Year
with belief and abandon all fear!

                                                                                             Parineeta Mehra

Friday, 1 January 2016

Your grip on your path

Reach for the Stars!!

New direction/s...

Happy New Year- 2016